Growthkicker Framework CoachingLooking to grow your business in a sustainable way using coaching?

The GrowthKicker framework provides a blend of coaching and training based on sound management theories and practices so that you don?t need to read the supporting books on management and want simply to apply the ideas to your business.

There is 1-2-1 coaching on the process either face to face or by Skype depending on your circumstances. A face to face session typically lasts up to 3 hours but can be two if time is a constraint and a Skype session is typically 1 hour. The ideal meeting frequency is monthly so that you can assimilate the ideas and implement them, however, the sessions can be run in a time frame to suit you.

The?GrowthKicker blended coaching & training covers:

  • Understanding your passion and purpose
  • Coaching to develop your?effectiveness as a leader
  • Use of mind mapping to quickly collect ideas on to one page
  • Review of your?people strategy
  • Ideas to improve?employee engagement
  • External competitive environment analysis
  • Develop your value proposition
  • Learn how to?differentiate your business from the competition
  • Capture your business on one page
  • Capture your?3 year objectives and?key strategic initiatives?on one page
  • Establishment of quarterly themes for systematic implementation of strategy
  • Strategic objective deployment matrix to align strategic goals & quarterly objectives with departmental actions
  • Set up a free cloud based collaborative task management system for driving strategic actions
  • Review of your?communication strategy
  • Establishment of an efficient meeting structure
  • Review of product/service development
  • Review of operational effectiveness and?continuous development
  • Technology strategy to identify strategic competitive advantage
  • Develop a dashboard?of financial and non-financial KPIs for your business
  • Identify 2 or 3 smart numbers so that you can?sleep well on Friday night

Download a complete prospectus?on how blended coaching and training can help you kick start growth in your business.

If you would like to know more please call 0845 053 7417 or email growth @

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