Employee Engagement – Are you having trouble attracting the right employees?

Drive by Daniel PinkEmployee Engagement: Attracting and Keeping the Right Talent

Daniel Pink in his book Drive he identified that for successful employee engagement and so attract and keep the right talent to your business you need to ensure that they have autonomy, mastery and purpose.

This means that they are trained and competent to do the job, they can see how they job relates to the overall objectives of the business and that they have the authority to get on and do it without being micro-managed.

HubSpot have curated some research on this topic and from the article,?Deloitte outlined 20 engagement factors companies need to consider and excel at to keep employees engaged. And most organizations are starting from a place of weakness:?Gallup found in 2014 that?13% of all employees are ?highly engaged? and 26% are ?actively disengaged.?

So how do you easily measure whether your employees are engaged or not?

To get you started gathering this information, HubSpot have?put together a list of some of the best employee feedback and culture tools.

Follow the link to HubSpot’s article to find out more:



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