Growthkicker - Sustainable GrowthGrowthKicker – 7 Steps to Sustainable Growth

GrowthKicker?is a framework for helping you to kick start growth in your business. It provides a structure for all the things you need to get right in your business if you are going to achieve sustainable growth in the long term.?GrowthKicker?is a framework because it uses proven and well know business tools and approaches so that you will have confidence that what is suggested has been tried and tested and will work. This approach means there is a lot of support for the different elements whether that is a YouTube video, a book, a training course or specialist consultants who can bespoke a workshop for you.

Why Sustainable Growth?

In the volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world that we live there are no longer any certainties. This means that you need to be constantly evolving. This means developing your competencies as a leader, developing engaged employees, have clear strategic process, being agile in the execution of your strategy, over-communicating your message to your team, have clear processes that deliver right first time, every time and know what success looks like when it comes.

Sustainable growth means providing a secure future for you and your employees.

For some companies, 20% or more growth is achievable. What would this mean to you? At 10% net profit on a turnover of ?1,000,000 this would mean in 12 months you would have an additional ?20,000 to invest back into your business or something for yourself and your team. Given that you will not only be implementing strategies for growth but also making your processes more effective and efficient you would also expect an uplift in your margins as well.

What Are My Options?

GrowthKicker?is based on tried and tested approaches and so your current options are:

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